The "Featured" display is your dose of news, your reminder, it's our way of keeping you informed of everything that is happening in your community!

What is it about ?

Each new publication is highlighted for 24 hours in the "Featured" box. After these 24 hours, the publication will return to its category and the "Highlights" box will disappear if no new publication has been posted.

A publication can also be pinned and in this case, it will be present "Front page" until it is unpinned.

What does it change ?

Your bulletin board is available in two versions: a classic display and a "Featured" display. When a publication finds itself on the front page, the display changes automatically and a new "Front page" box appears at the top left of the screen.

Can we customize this display?

The answer is yes ! You can choose to deactivate it, modify it or choose not to highlight a category.
For more information on the possibilities, see How to configure the display "Highlights"?
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