Once upon a time there was a Steeple community. The company being multi-site, the community had children: they are only girls.

What their family life will involve:

For the girls :

You will be a member of two communities: that of your site as well as the mother community;
You will have access to information from your site but also to that disseminated by the mother community.

For the mother:

Ideal for communicating information to all your sites instantly;
You will be able to publish and display the content of the mother community on the daughter communities and their bulletin board;
Members of a site will not have access to information from other sites (daughter communities).

An added or deleted member of a daughter community will also be added to the mother community. The reverse does not work.
You can limit the publication rights on the categories of the mother community.

To create girl communities, we must request it . It will then be necessary to import the employee file into the mother community by filling in the daughter communities for each member.


Attention: Valid only for communities with an invitation system by registration number!

Do not mention the mother community, they will automatically be part of it.

In case you want to merge all your daughter communities into the mother community we can also do this on request, by transferring the publications from the girls to the mother.

I almost forgot the end of the story: communities lived happily in a kingdom where internal communication is king

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