During the implementation of Steeple, we are offering the purchase of IIyama brand equipment for touch screens and Asus for boxes.

Each client can, if they wish, equip themselves with their own equipment. The following warranty conditions therefore do not apply.

Iiyama warranty condition:

All the elements are available here: https://iiyama.com/fr_fr/support/

Iiyama monitors are covered by a 3-year warranty service in France.

In the event that your monitor encounters a problem during the warranty period, it will be exchanged at the registered address. Depending on the type of monitor, iiyama will then call upon its service in accordance with one of the following procedures: "replace the screen, after it has been recovered, or else repair and redirect it as quickly as possible."

When you return your equipment, do not send any other equipment that is not supplied by iiyama. Do not return the accessories with the equipment sent for repair either. Keep your cables, manuals, remote control, etc., unless iiyama specifically asks you to return them.

Exclusions from warranty clauses:
The on-site exchange warranty or “return to workshop” guarantees do not cover problems caused by:
• improper use of the iiyama product or failure to monitor the technical characteristics of the product,
• any other non-electrical problem,
• use of wrong frequencies, definitions, faulty software or ancillary equipment,
• negligence during use,
• an accident, due to electrical overvoltage, damage due to fire or water, a fall, or external blows,
• fault during installation or during connection,
• unauthorized modifications,
• a failure to follow the iiyama instructions for use or if the defect or breakdown was caused by transport during return for repair or by repair by an unauthorized center,
• defective pixels below the limits set by the international standard ISO-9241 Class 1. All the details of iiiyama's policy on defective pixels are available on [www.iiyama.com] (www.iiyama.com)

Intensive use in an industrial environment
• Our monitors will operate continuously 24x7 in a clean, dust-free environment. However, the brightness may deteriorate after more than 2 years of continuous use. This part is not covered under the warranty beyond one year.

If one or more of these exceptions listed above have been identified, iiyama reserves the right to invoice the costs inherent in the intervention.

You can reach their after-sales service for free by phone, Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m .: 097 999 0399

Asus warranty:

Chromeboxes and chromebit are covered by a 3-year warranty service in France.

You can find the terms of the Asus warranty on page 27 of the document below:

You can contact chromebox service with ASUS directly at 01 70 94 50 60 from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
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