The Weather module allows you to find the weather and the day's ephemeris on your bulletin board.

It is only displayed on the touch screen.

How to use it ?

Find the weather module on the touch display board. By clicking on it you can find more info on the weather for the coming days.

How to add it?

To add the appointment module in your Administration then in the Modules section

Find the Weather module.

Click on Add .

You will then have to find the city that serves as the basis for the weather.

Then depending on the results select the city that suits you.

Click on Choose and the module is activated.

The module is then activated on all supports and placed in the category of the module space chosen.

Several meteors can be generated if you have screens placed on several sites.

How to modify it?

The module is now part of the "My Modules" section. You can then click on Configure and then modify the city.
You can also remove the module with the Remove module button.

No doubt this module will rain and shine in your business!

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