Do you want to make your Steeple account management more reliable / fast / automatic? Choose to synchronize the Steeple accounts with your employee file containing the personnel number.

What do I need?

First tell your coach. He must activate the functionality on his side. This is quick and does not incur additional costs.

Then simply export the list of your employees according to the predefined format. You can download the template to help you. You can find it here:


Once this file has been downloaded, simply add lines to add your employees.

Be careful to fill in the registration number and date of birth columns! They are compulsory. Also think of the mail column when possible to speed up registration.

If you export to .csv, be careful to choose the comma as delimiter and not the semicolon.

How can I import my file?

Once your .csv file has been created, you can import it via the "Invitation" section of your administration interface. Click on the "Synchronization via file of all employees" button. You can then choose your file. A new screen will appear to describe the different possible actions:

Invite new members
If no Steeple member has the serial number present in the file, it will be added and will be automatically pre-filled to facilitate registration.

Emails will not be sent without your confirmation. A button to trigger the sending will be available on the next screen.

Invitation to delete
If a Steeple member had a personnel number that is no longer present in the table, we assume that this member is no longer part of your community. His access to your community will therefore be revoked.

Update invitation
If a Steeple member has a personnel number also present in the file, their information will be updated.

The email address will not be overwritten if it has been changed by the user. All other fields will be. If you don't want to overwrite an existing field, just leave the cell empty in the spreadsheet.

Click "Synchronize All" to apply the changes.

What will happen to existing members without registration numbers?

There will be no impact on members already registered without registration numbers. If a member is present without a serial number in Steeple but also in the table with a serial number then a new invitation will be created.

Associate a personnel number with an existing employee

In the case where an employee is invited via his personnel number when he already exists in the base without his personnel number, it is possible to associate his personnel number. To do this, in the "Invitations" tab, choose the "Manual invitations" menu at the top then click on the little "+" and finally "Select".

How will it look for employees?

Once the file has been synchronized, employees can be asked to register.

Invitation by email

If an email address has been entered in the table, you can send an email to invite your employees to register. There are two ways to do this:

By using the button "Send all pending emails (X people)". This automatically sends all pending emails
By using the "Send" button on each line corresponding to a collaborator

We advise you to first use the unit function to invite only the people who will help you in the animation of the network. Once your platform is ready to welcome employees, issue all invitations to mark the event.

Registration by serial number

Employees who do not have an email address entered in the table will be able to register with the community using their personnel number and date of birth.

Going further: managing girl communities

If you want to manage the girl community with the same principle of file with serial number it is possible!

You just need to add a column "Community 1" in the file with the name of the community in the cell for each employee. He will then be automatically associated in his daughter community.

You can add a "Community 2" column if an employee is present in two different daughter communities.
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