The big day has arrived ! No, not your marriage. But the launch of your Steeple community. You are proud. In any case we are proud of you!

Now you only have one thing left to do:

Invite all members

Send the invitations previously created using the Excel template from the Invitations section.

Warning! Depending on your email, some emails may be lost in the corridors of time and get blocked in spam! Don't be shy about telling your people to check their spam.

And to make everyone want to join your community as soon as possible, you can:

Organize a competition

As soon as Steeple is launched, organize a contest to get as many registrants as possible!

Lacking inspiration? Do not hesitate to consult the Advice section.

And here are some contest ideas to set up:

The right price ! 🤑
Riddle 🤓
Mystery Person 🐱‍👤
Draw from the 50, 100 or 200th registered ✨
Selfie Operation 📷

Here we are, at the end of the launch stages, and at the start of the adventure! Ready for takeoff? 🚀
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