Everything is ready, you just have to plan for the big day. The launch of Steeple is not just any event, and you have to make it clear to your teams!

Here are 2 ways to prepare your employees for the big day:

A countdown

Activate a countdown before launch! Surprise effect and teasing guaranteed.

Choose the date and time of your event for the launch
Go to the administration of your community, section "bulletin board"
Then click on the "settings" button on the screen.

A new window opens:

Now click on the button "add a countdown before opening the tv"
A new window opens:

Add the date and time without forgetting to click on "modify the countdown"
Finally, last step, before closing the window, don't forget to click on the "update" button
Go! The countdown is now visible on your screens, your employees will only discover the news feed on D-Day!


Plan a friendly event and take the opportunity to officially present Steeple!

On the launch day, invite your employees to share a coffee or a croissant around the Steeple screens. At the end of the countdown, the surprise will be revealed and the community will be revealed.

You will be able to answer questions, send invitations and explain why Steeple will change your life at work

Discover more ideas in Step 7: D-Day
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