Only a few days left before launch! Are you in the starting blocks, ready to take off? Great ! But have you thought about filling your news feed?

Do not launch Steeple without several publications.


Now is the time to digitize the content of your bulletin board. No more paper, make way for digital! You can pass all the contents of your old bulletin board on Steeple.

No more wild posting at the coffee machine, email exchanges or oral communication ... Do you still have a lot of advertising in the company? Start digitizing it and publishing it on Steeple in the categories and subcategories.

Announce the launch by preparing some publications:

Welcome to Steeple! 🎉
Steeple application on mobile 📱
Publish in the section Between us 💫

The good news? They are all ready and waiting for you in the Advice section of your administration interface

The second good news? Are you ready ! You have followed all the steps so far and now discover the Step 6: Create craze
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