The launch is progressing fast, you may have already attended the training?

We tell you about the contributors in your community. But what are their roles and especially who to contact?

It's very simple, a contributor is a collaborator to whom you will entrust the animation of a category or a sub-category. As such, it will regularly publish content and mobilize your teams around Steeple. As a true ambassador, its role is key in the preamble to the launch!

Good practice?

Build your Steeple community and the tree structure of your categories and subcategories using the contributor grid that you can find here.

The objective of this grid?

Help you build your content tree in relation to the different services of the company
And give you some ideas of good practices and publication rituals to set up quickly
Digitize the content of your internal communication on Steeple
Mobilize several contributors in the animation of your categories and sub-categories

And when you've decided who publishes what, it's time to go to Step 5: Pre-load content
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