Here you are on the Steeple launch pad! In this section, find some tips for organizing your training for a tailor-made take-off.
Ready ? Let's go !

How does a training take place?

We suggest that you follow a distance learning course, led by our customer support manager. His goal ? Support you in the technical learning of the solution.
How? 'Or' What ? It's very simple, we've put together a vitamin program for you:

🔔 Good practice 2 in 1!
Before the training do not hesitate to send an invitation to your executives and managers to join their community on Steeple directly by downloading the Steeple application on iOS or Android

Objective: Autonomy on Steeple management and handling of all Steeple administration functionalities.

Format: 1 hour of training for administrators (Communication / HR / management ..)
Presentation of the interface (invitation and management of members, tree of categories, advice)
Advice on the technical use of the tool, good practices.

How to book your training?

By the way, have you thought about reserving a training niche with your coach? 🤔You must have received a Google invitation in the welcome email to reserve a 1 hour training slot in the calendar of our customer support representative! If this is not the case, do not hesitate to contact us by email or on the support chat to book a training!

Have you thought about testing the video? 😉
Test your visio

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