Your Steeple adventure started today: your community is created and you start to make your mark. It's a great day!

This means that within a week you will receive your screens. And you're going to have to install them.

The first question that comes to your mind: where should we place them?

The golden rule: a common living space. The screen should not be in a passing location. Difficult to stop and take your time to consult the publications in a corridor, right? So put the screens in a break room or a refectory for example.

Have you found the perfect place? Here is what you need to know to install it:
provide a free space between 1m and 1.50m around so that you can easily access it
it must be near an outlet, and an Ethernet port if you want to connect it to the network in this way.

And now the second question: how?

Find in the documents below all the information allowing you to easily install your equipment:

Technical prerequisite
Screen Installation Guide

If in doubt, contact Steeple support.

You are ready to receive and set up your screens, make way for
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