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This is a step-by-step Tutorial for integrating Okta as an Identity Provider for Steeple (through SAML authentication and Just In Time provisioning).

Login as an admin and click on "Applications" and then on "Add application" here :

Okta step 0

Then click on "Create New app" :

Okta step 1

Choose "Web" and "SAML 2.0" :

Okta step 2

Configure it like this : (you can find the logo here) :

Okta step 3

On this webpage :

Okta step 4

Fill it with those placeholder values for the moment. You will complete the configuration with the real values (instead of xx) later.

Single sign on URL :
Audience URI (SP Entity ID) :
Name ID Format : persistent

Do not download the Certificate on the right.

You should fill the mapping with at least email, first_name and last_name, (exhaustive possible attributes are here) :

Okta step 5

Click on Next

We are still not on the Okta Store, that's why they ask this question :

Okta step 6

Click "finish"

Okta step 7

Copy this link (Identity Provider metadata) and send it by email to, along with your Steeple Community and the name of your Identity Provider (here, probably Okta. In order to display on the button "Login via Okta"

We will send you back the service provider configuration, go back to G Suite and replace the xxx.

Go to Assignments, and assign users :

Okta step 8

And now, users can use idp-initiated sso, by clicking on this button :

Okta step 9

Or through Steeple (sp-initiated sso) by clicking on this button :

Okta step 10
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