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This is a step-by-step Tutorial for integrating G Suite as an Identity Provider for Steeple (through SAML authentication and Just In Time provisioning).

1 - Add Steeple as a SAML App in G Suite

G Suite step 0


G Suite step 1

Download option 2 -> IDP Metadata, we will use it later :

G Suite step 2

You can find the logo here :

G Suite step 3

Fill ACS with :
and Entity Id with, we will modify it later
Choose Name ID Format persistent

G Suite step 4

Configure the mapping this way :

G Suite step 5

2 - Send an email to

We need :
- Your GoogleIDPMetadata-xxxx.xml file
- Your Steeple community to be configured (copy paste the url in the administration dashboard)
- The name of your idp provider for the button "login via name" (in this case, probably : "G Suite")

We will send you back the service provider configuration, go back to G Suite and replace the xxx.

3 - Try it

- Assign users to the app

- Log in as an assigned user and click on "Steeple"


Also, there will be a button on that will trigger a SSO login :

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