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This is a step-by-step Tutorial for integrating Azure Active Directory as an Identity Provider for Steeple (through SAML authentication and Just In Time provisioning).

All applications => New application (Enterprise Applications) :

Create your own application => Enter "Steeple" and click on Create :

Set up single sign on :


upload metadata file (You can find it on Steeple : "administration" -> "settings" -> "configure access methods" -> "Download xml file") :

Click on add then save

Configure the mapping, choose a unique name id, we will use it to identify a user so it should never change. You can use persistent objectid for example.

Then configure at least first_name, last_name and email (it can be user.mail or user.userprincipalname or an other depending on your configuration), first name and last name are usually user.givenname and user.surname. Example :

Properties -> logo, add this one : and click on Save on the top-left.

Copy federation metadata url to clipboard

And paste it in Steeple (Identity Provider -> Import Metadata -> paste -> Import)

Users and groups -> Add User -> assign and add users or groups (you should only assign test users for the moment)

Congrats, now it should work ! You can try to login with test users, in order to verify that the mapping is good (that you receive first_name, last_name and email), you can see the test profiles in Steeple -> administration -> settings -> Configure access methods. It will not create or retrieve users for the moment. When you want to put it in production, contact your Steeple coach to activate it.

You can try to login through IDP-initiated login, by going to and click on "Steeple"

You can try to login through SP-initiated login, by going to the Sign on URL (you can find it on Steeple Settings and Service Provider -> see metadata)
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