The Room reservation module allows you to manage the reservation of meeting rooms within your premises.

How to use it ?

Find the "Room reservation" module on the tactile bulletin board, on the web or on your mobile.

The module is divided into three parts:
The upper part to choose the date of consultation
The central part allowing to see the reservations made on the selected day
The lower part to change views and to reserve a room

To change the consultation date, you can either use the arrows left right or click on the date to select from the calendar.

You can see in the miniature the rooms reserved that day. We can, if we are the creator, modify or delete the reservation directly.

For more reading comfort you can also click on See +

Finally, the Book button allows you to book a room.

Add a title (optional) choose the date, the room, the start time, the end time and click on Confirm .

Your reservation is now made!

How to add the module?

To add the appointment module in your Administration then in the Modules section

Find the "Room reservation" module.

Click on Add

Enter the names of your meeting rooms.

Click on Add module

The module is then activated on all supports and placed in the category of the module space chosen.

How to modify the module?

The module is now part of the "My Modules" section. You can then click on Configure .
Through the configuration interface, you can add rooms, modify the names of the old ones and change the color code of each room.

You can also remove the module with the Remove module button.

Thanks to this module we have reduced by 98% the percentage of colleagues who return without knocking in a room, in the middle of a meeting, by saying "Ah are you there?" As if it was not visible that indeed we are here!

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