Each person registering on Steeple accepts the CGU and in particular point 2.3 concerning the right to the image:

2.3 Image rights policy

By registering on Steeple you agree that your image can be disseminated within the closed community. In case of disagreement, mention it explicitly to the administrators.

Also each employee can have signed a right to the image within:
his employment contract
the company's IT charter

For people who are not registered or who have explicitly indicated their disagreement, case law recognizes for everyone "the right to oppose the reproduction of their image" (Cass. 1st civ., Sept. 24, 2009, n ° 08-11.112) without express authorization.

The only exception to this principle is that relating to the right to information: when a subject is the subject of a current event, his photograph can be disseminated, with respect for the right to dignity (no degrading image).
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