If you cannot publish in a subcategory, this means that publication restrictions have been applied.

Click on the Categories section of your administration interface: you are now on the page allowing you to manage your categories and sub / categories.

Find the category and click on the name of the relevant sub-category. A new window opens in order to modify its parameters:

Check the box "Limit people who can post". Then click on Update .

The window closes automatically and the annotation "nobody can post there" will appear on the right side of the subcategory:

Click again on the name of the relevant sub-category to re-open the configuration window.

You can see that a drop-down list containing all the members of your community has appeared at the bottom of the page:

Select the person who can post in the subcategory and click on Add . Repeat as many times as necessary.

Then click on Update .

Steeplechase advice: be careful not to restrict the rights to your management, it would surely be frowned upon ...
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