On Steeple, you have the possibility of creating action buttons at the same hierarchical level of a category or inside a category. Here is the procedure for creating a link to an external site.

To configure a link to a site external to Steeple, go to the Categories section of your administration interface.

Below the title of the page, you have 2 action buttons in blue: "Add a category" or "Create a button". Click on Create a button .

A new window appears in order to configure your button:

Give a title to your button
Select a background image
Define the hierarchical level of the button: same level as a category OR "In the category ...."
Choose where this button will be visible
Then define the type of button

The button type is automatically set to Web page .

Type the URL of the website in the Link (external to Steeple) field, to be opened when the button is clicked .

Then click on Save .

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