If you don't know what an invitation is, discover How to add a member?

From your administration interface, you will be able to manage the invitations sent from the Invitations section.

Click on Invitations sent to filter the invitations that have already been sent.

From the list displayed, you will be able to:

Resend the invitation
Click on Resend and an email will be sent again to the person concerned.

Show the details
Click on See details and you will have access to the information entered when the invitation was created.

Modify the invitation
Click on Modify to modify the information concerning this invitation.

Delete invitation
To delete an invitation, click on Delete invitation . The status updates automatically and displays "deleted".

Once the user has clicked on the invitation, a new field will appear indicating that the invitation has been successfully viewed. If the person registers, then the invitation will go to the tab Complete invitations
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