What is an external link on Steeple?

It's a button that looks the same as categories and subcategories, but redirects to an external site when you click on it.


If you are cold in winter, you can put a redirect button to a chimney fire.

On the screen it will appear like this (like the other categories):

And on computer like this:

When you click or tap it, you will land on the following link.

How to create an external link?

Go to the "Categories" section, then click on the "Create a button" button.

First name your button, then choose a background image to assign it by clicking on the camera icon.

You can put your button in a category or subcategory, or leave it on the home page by leaving "Next to categories".

Remember to choose the type of link (web page, pdf document, image ..)

Once you've completed everything, just save.

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