You can customize your bulletin board when publications are "Featured".

If you don't know what the "Featured" display is, don't panic, you can consult What is the "Featured" display? which will explain everything to you 😉

Go to the section Notice boards then click on Edit to the right of the notice board you wish to customize.

Go down to the bottom of the modifications page, the "Headlines" section is right there.

General parameters of the "A la une" display

You can deactivate this display by clicking on Deactivate the focus mode and view it by clicking on Preview .

By clicking on Edit you can:

- Define the number of rows and columns

- For even more personalization, click on Modify the triggering of the "Featured" display and choose which publications will be "Featured" and for how long.

Box settings

Click on Edit this box to:
- Define the size of the box
- Modify the category displayed in this box

"Headlines" publications will always be at the top left, you cannot change their location.

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