From the Members section of your administration interface, find the list of all the members of your community.

Click the Delete button to delete a member from your community.

Warning ! Know that this operation is irreversible. The member will be removed from your community and all of their posts will also be removed.

By clicking on Delete a window is displayed:

You can either:

reassign its publications
permanently delete the member

You have the possibility of saving the publications written by the member.

Do you want to reassign its publications?

Click on the Transfer "button

A window appears:

Click on Transfer to .

A drop-down menu with the list of members is available.
Choose from the list the person to whom you want to attach the publications

Then choose to transfer:

All publications
Some publications

The recipient of publications must already have an account created in the community and publication rights in the categories concerned.

Then click on the Transfer and delete button.

Comments from the deleted community member will remain visible so discussions continue to make sense. However if the user decides to delete their Steeple account, their comments will also be deleted.
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