From the Invitations section of your administration interface, click on Import an Excel file .

Download the Template then complete this Excel file with the information necessary to invite your collaborators (name, first names, email addresses ...)

Be careful not to delete or change the order of columns in the Excel file. If you do not want or do not have the information requested, please leave the column blank.

Once your template is complete, import it. Click on the icon "Import an Excel file in xlsx format"

Now click on Preview .
You can see the list before importation as well as the number of members in the list appear in red.

Click on Import .

All your invitations are displayed in the Invitations in progress section with the status "Not yet sent"

We advise you to wait until launch day for sending invitations. However, you can preload the file in advance.

You can now click on Send all pending invitations . Each user present in the list will receive an invitation to create their account.

Steeple Tip: in view of launching your Steeple community, we recommend that you start collecting the email addresses of your employees and send out your invitations on launch day to surprise your employees!
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