If you have received an invitation by email you can register and join your community directly with this invitation.

I did not receive an invitation

To start, go to https://www.steeple.fr/users/sign_up

Your first name
Your name
Your email
Your password

Click on "Register" to validate. You can then start filling out your profile!

Step 1: your profile photo

We recommend that you add a photo of yourself so that your colleagues can easily recognize you. You can import a photo or take a new one.

If you decide to skip this step for the time being, click "Skip". You can always add a photo later from your personal space.

Step 2: Your community

Use the search engine to find the community of your business.

Step 3: Complete your profile

Indicate your birthday 🎉, your service and your date of entry into the company then click on Finish

and ... Welcome to your Steeple community!

Fasten your seat belt, you go on a guided tour. 🚀
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