The Events module is a key Steeple module, it allows you to know upcoming events in the community.

How to use it ?

This module is present from all interfaces: web, mobile, touch panel.

You can find two types of information there:
Upcoming events
Birthdays to come

Each event is linked to a publication.

Click on the event from the module to access the publication.

Click on see + to access all the upcoming events.

How to create an event?

To create an event, simply click on Add an event on the publication module and then choose the date.

How to add the module?

It is already present basic. However, if it is withdrawn you can put it back by going to your Administration then in the Modules section.

Find the Events module and click on Add .

The module is then activated on all supports and placed in the category of the module space chosen.

Tip 1: add a survey to your events with 3 responses: present, may be present, not present

Tip 2: Post photos on Steeple during and after the event

Tip 3: If the event contains champagne and petit fours do not hesitate to invite all the Steeple teams (we also take beer and pizza)

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