The Draw module allows you to put animation in your community.

How to use it ?

Find the module with the inscription "Click here to find the winner of the day" on the tactile display board and click on it.

Discover the winner of the day.

Do not hesitate to give gifts to the winners and above all do not forget to take photos and distribute them on Steeple.

How to add it?

To add the appointment module in your Administration then in the Modules section

Go to the "Draw" tab.

You have three options:
Generic lottery module
The random draw module adapted in the form of [advent calendar] (/ en / article / lavent-calendar-1dgt25n /)
The draw module adapted in the form of a calendar before Easter

Click on Add on the module of your choice.

Give a title to your draw
Give a start date
Give an end date
Select a background image
Give the number of winners per day

To program a draw for a single day, you must set the draw date as the start date and the day after the draw date as the end date.

You do not want all employees to be drawn. Then click on Set participants and remove the members who cannot be drawn.

Finally press Add module

The module is then activated on all supports and placed in the category of the module space chosen.

Modify the module?

To modify the module, go to "My Modules". You can then click on Configure
You can then modify all of the module's information.

You can also remove the module with the button remove the module .

How to see the last winners

Click on Configure then on the button Show the last winners
A list of all the winners is then displayed.

I would like to take advantage of this Steeple FAQ article to launch a bottle into the sea. Since childhood, every year I dream of having the Kinder advent calendar. Unfortunately without success until then. So if someone reads this word one day and if we approach the Christmas date, they can send the calendar to:
2 rue de la Mabilais
35000 Rennes
Thank you very much 😪

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