The doorbell module allows you to send an alert to a member of the community to notify them of your arrival during an appointment.
It is used when the Steeple bulletin board is placed at the reception of an organization.

How to use it ?

Find the module with the inscription "I have an appointment" on the tactile bulletin board and click on it.

Select the name of the person you are meeting with and click on it.
You can also search for his name.

The selected person then receives an alert, either on their application or by email. The alert alerts him that someone is waiting for him in front of the Steeple bulletin board.

How to add it?

To add the module, go to your Administration then in the Modules section.

Find the doorbell module.

Click on Add .

The module is then activated on all supports and placed in the category of the module space chosen.

How to configure it?

The module is now part of the "My Modules" section. You can then click on Configure

Through the configuration interface, you can manage the members who may or may not be alerted.

You can also remove the module with the Remove module button.

And before leaving us, do you know why Michael is going to open the door? Because Jack rings!

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